Ref library


With my retirement from the military my mission was over. For 24 years I was given a daily application. When to wake up, what to wear, where to be, and when to come home. Your tax dollars went to train me to take complex situational data and render them down to deliver that info to my troops or the leadership. Since retirement I’ve had the luxury of study and  have been a compulsive student, explorer, scientist and philosopher and used my military skill set of pattern recognition to study the patterns of life, finding the cosmic nuggets and bread crumbs of the ‘Application of Life’ and the ‘Mechanisms of our Perceptions.’ As in our Perception is our Reality. The books I’ve read have helped me process the unprocessed experiences and events of my career and to create a life worth living. We are standing on the shoulders of giants!
I sincerely hope collection of information helps. It helped me process the old and if it can help me it can help others.
Much Love.

Shortly, I’ll post here the titles of my favourite books and articles that have help me along my journey. Stay tuned.