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"to do is to know, to feel is to understand"

Kathy Cook Noble of Financially Speaking talks with Lifestyle Host Brent “Besh” Beshara about approaching the new season with a “spring forward” mindset to create positive intentions for the coming season.

Brent Beshara shares tips, tricks and tools that saved his life and helped him create a life worth living. From Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver to a student of life, he runs you through exercises and stories that helped him get tuned in, tapped in and turned onto his true self and clarified his dream job, spouse and house. Bring paper and a pen and follow along. This gives you 2 hours to sit down, focus on yourself, and write down your sincere wants and desires to create your life worth living. Don’t take his word for it…it’s only My Besh Guess 😉 #mybeshguess

I shared my story with Leslie-Ann of The Newfoundland Witch Company on IGTV about creating a life worth living through our participation with nature. And how I have dealt and still deal with great tragic loss in my life. It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we choose to respond that does.

The first episode of “Let Your Woo Woo Show” Cold Exposure and Philosophy with guest Brent “Besh” Beshara features Newfoundland, Canada resident Brent Beshara AKA Besh, He is a global citizen, student of life, explorer, scientist, and a firehose philosopher. His 24 years in the Canadian military as a Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver was amazing, but it came with a sincere sacrifice. 

Retired Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver Brent Beshara talks about utilizing our onboard bio-technology of Breathwork and Cold Exposure. Using techniques from the Wim Hof Method. Methods like this improve our Immune System and reduce inflammation in our bodies. They also help process the old, unprocessed experiences, events and emotions of the past. These techniques like this help process the old, unprocessed experiences, events and emotions of the past and also prepare us for our current daily occurrences. These techniques  help process the old, unprocessed experiences, events and emotions of the past and also prepare us for our current daily occurrences.

Besh shares about his time in the military and how breathing, mindset, and meditation would have helped him during that 24 year experience.

VOCM’s Morning Show Host Gerri Lynn Mackey speaks with Brent Beshara, about the health benefits of cold exposure and the Wim Hof Method.

Host Roberta Hewitt speaks with Brent Beshara, Global Citizen and Student of Life.

A former Special Forces “Navy Bomb Disposal Operator”, Brent Beshara (“BESH”) has an amazing journey of enlightenment to share. A seeker who found cold exposure (amongst other things) to awaken profound physical and mental benefits is now getting recognition for his feats.

Brent Beshara talks about breath-work, cold plunges, The Iceman (Wim Hof) and his journey to become a Wim Hof Method instructor and how it lead him to create the Newfoundland Winter Tribe.

CBC’s Host Ramona Dearing speaks with Brent Beshara, about his daily dipping in his ice covered pond.

In this episode of Wild Soul Confidential Tonya interviews Brent Beshara. Brent is a 24 year Canadian Military Veteran where he served in the special forces as a Navy Seal Bomb Disposal Diver. In the interview Brent gets candid about his transition from military life to civilian life and the importance of processing your experiences: bad, mad, sad and the past so you can live a life worth living.

“Back at the pond, he’s waiting for me to take the plunge. The initial shock as we descend into the water is intense. I involuntarily yelp. But, as I slow my breathing, it’s surprising how quickly I become accustomed to the chill.” – Ainsley Hawthorn

The Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador ‘Get Outdoors’ Series, explores ways to enjoy NL through all the seasons. Here we learn about the benefits of cold exposure by by Natalie Dignam.

Brent is with Paddy Daly on on the VOCM’s Open Line morning show and shares his journey on becoming a Wim Hof Method Instructor.

Meet adventurers who love swimming in icy water throughout the year by Ramona Dearing CBC News.

“The revolutionary Case® BESH Wedge blends modern technology with optimal performance and utility. Its unique blade design is composed of two diagonally-opposed bevels that converge to form a third cutting edge. This unique geometry provides a stronger point profile that overcomes tip weakness found in more conventional blade designs.”

Exactly 75 years after the original knife had been made, Vincent Joyce of the museum accepted the Case Besh Wedge, a remake of the popular combat dagger that was originally crafted for the military special forces squadron, the Devils Brigade.

Besh Wedge is a specific knife grind comprised of two diagonally opposed bevels converging to create a third cutting edge developed by Brent Beshara.

Here you’ll find edgey articles from around the world on Brent and his Besh Wedge knife geometry invention.