Body - breath - brain

"we create our reality"

My workshops consist of 3 main modules incorporating Cold Adaptive Training™ (C.A.T.), movement, breath and mindset exercises to create an understanding of our Mechanism of Perception and the Application of Life. When we understand the truth of ourselves, it frees us from the perceived dramas of life.


Rave & Rest. Through movement, we get out of our mind/brain and allow unprocessed experiences, events and emotions to come to the surface to be processed.


Through breathing exercises, we access our unprocessed information and blow it out. This gives us a conscious tool to deal with stress while strengthening the immune system.


TFAR. Thoughts lead to Feelings which lead to Actions, which create Results in our life. Through experiential exercises, we get to the core of our issues and create a new reality.


Since every event and audience is unique, I customize my workshops for each one. Please contact me to arrange a consult about your upcoming event.

Note: I do pro bono workshops for particular groups and organizations with no budget for facilitators.


I facilitate workshops in person and online, depending on your requirements, budget and location.